Our clients sometimes ask us how to remove pilling from their cashmere jersey. After all, they were bought for them and wanting to keep them looking good for as long as possible and for its lasting life !

Pilling (often referred to it as fur balls, fuzz balls) are those unattractive little balls of fiber that appear on the surface of your knitted wear. If you find yourself in a spotty situation, here are some suggestions on how to remove and slow down pilling.

1. Fabric Shaver

This is probably the easiest method to remove pilling from fabrics. A fabric shaver looks and works a bit like dry shavers men use on their beards.

2. Shaving Razor and Scissors

Using a shaving razor or scissors to remove pilling can be quite meticulous. You can see a shaving razor working magic on a shirt here: Removing clothing pilling with a shaver.

3. Packing Tape

I wouldn’t recommend using this method unless you absolutely need to because it tends to unravel fibers. However, if you're in a desperate situation, firmly pressing some packing tape onto your fabric and removing it.

4. Slow Down Pilling

This tip is for those who want to slow down the process that causes pilling and give their clothes a longer lifespan. The number one cause of pilling is excessive rubbing against other surfaces. just after you have bought it, try hand washing or washing machine, by using hand wash programme and avoiding a deep spin dryer, you'll be pleasantly surprised at just how long fabrics can last. At the very least, you can use a laundry bag to separate delicate fabrics from the rest of your laundry before throwing them all into the washer and dryer.

Here you have an exemple of message that we received:

" I bought 2 of your cashmere long length tie-front cardigans recently in Lanzarote. I have found the fibres "shed" a lot onto my clothing - like the white shirt I was wearing underneath. I am going to hand wash the cardigans in the hope that this stops the problem, but am writing to you to ask if you have any care advice to offer me to prevent this annoying problem.

Your reply will be much appreciated."

The Reply:

Dear Customer,
Hello and good morning, thank you for writing and exposing us any troubles you have suffered.
First I must say that is evident the percentages placed in the label provides security in the amount of raw materials. Second, a product composed of fine wool and cashmere can incur problems of this sort, only Nylon generates a full performance (even though I had a sport round neck Jumper 100% Nylon and it made piling after few days !!).
But, we try everytime to explaine that the piece must be washed before using, by hands or in the wash machine because of that... You must consider the different steps the Jersey suffers before arriving to be a finished clothing.
Animal hairs can be accumulated during these manufactoring steps, expecially the steam ironing.
So please, you can wash it in the wash machine, wool programme 40º degrees maximum, slow spin dryer and it dries flat.

Do not hesitate to writing me for any problem, we try to improve by the needs of the customers.
Best regards.
Customer service

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